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Wigsville Spliffs

British Neo-Rockabilly from the Eighties. The Wigsville Spliffs never actually made an album as such, although their recordings were later compiled into a CD. Gosh! How many times did I see 'em at The Klub Foot?! They sure were popular... When The Wigsville Spliffs ended, main man Ian Aitken formed The Bus Stop Boys, who were more of a swing/jazz type band. They were:

  • Ian Aitken - Lead guitar, vocals
  • Danny Mowl - Slap bass
  • Mike Lister - Drums

This track is not available on CD anywhere. Lurking in the background here is Boz Boorer (Polecats).

Wigsville Spliffs

Home run (Aitken/Lister/Mowl/Boorer) Nervous Publishing