Nervous Records

Voodoo Swing

Twangy Neo-Rockabilly from Utah. Voodoo Swing also had a CD out on Rockhouse Records.
"They play a truckdrivin' hard-core country mixed with rockabilly riffs, and all in all, it doesn't sound bad at all. The sound is full, bass is perfect, vocal is rough...." Lucky Spritz
Superb Modern Rockabilly Trio from U.S.A. A great debut album packed with original material, closing with a blasting revved-up version of Elvis' 'Burning Love'.

Voodoo Swing - We're usin' code names

Better be changin' yer ways (Audukatis/Kreutz/Ruppel)* American white trash (Audukatis/Kreutz/Ruppel)*
Low and slow (Audukatis/Kreutz/Ruppel)* Made in the U.S.A. (Audukatis/Kreutz/Ruppel)*
Gallagator (Audukatis/Kreutz/Ruppel)* Shut up (Audukatis/Kreutz/Ruppel)*
Here comes trouble (Audukatis/Kreutz/Ruppel)* Baby come back (Audukatis/Kreutz/Ruppel)*
Just my type (Audukatis/Kreutz/Ruppel)* My baby sends me (Audukatis/Kreutz/Ruppel)*
Chasin' the devil's hotrod (Audukatis/Kreutz/Ruppel)* Voodoo swingin' (Audukatis/Kreutz/Ruppel)*
Shit kickin' christians (Audukatis/Kreutz/Ruppel)* Burnin' love (Linde) Sony/ATV Music

* = Nervous Publishing.