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Tim Polecat

Futuristic Rockabilly from the singer of The Polecats. This continues from where 'Make a circuit with me' left off, and shows Tim Polecat to be probably the most innovative member of the band. This cd has covers of songs from Phil Lynott and Grandmaster Flash!
"Virtual Rockabilly was recorded with a Roland S550 sampler, an Adat machine, a Gretsch 6120 (1957), a Roland Space echo, a Makie 1604 mixer, an AKG C 3000 and piles of other peoples' records ... it was recorded in a similar style to most Rap and Dance records of the time - it took a very long time to put together and was infinitely more complicated than recording a band ... definitely a labour of love." Tim Polecat
Take the Polecat sound and boost it into the year 2300. Here is someone trying to take rockabilly into the future. The fourteen tracks rock with lots of echo and special effects. Hey, people laughed at Esquivel once. Call out tracks: The Boys Are Back In Town (yeah, that one), the rolling Panic and the cover of Head On. Weird, but important.

Tim Polecat - Virtual rockabilly

Thunder and lightnin (Wolfe) Le Bill Music Tornado (Anderson/Hedges) Cop. Cont.
Jigsaw man (Worman)* Lady Medusa (Worman/Bloomberg)*/Bloomberg
Rockin bones (Rhodes/Carter/Nalls) Sony Music The Catman returns (Dvais/Vincent) EMI Music
Panic (Young/Yardley) Cop. Cont. The boys are back in town (Lynott) Polygram Music
Head on (Reid/Reid) Warner Chappell Guardian angel (Worman/Worman-Woods)*
Shiver shiver (Worman/Worman-Woods)* Rock until you drop (Worman)*
The pit (Worman/Worman-Woods)* Jungle of the bass (Robinson/Glover) I Q Music

* = Nervous Publishing.