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The Vee8s

The Vee8s are a three piece band from the Brighton area of England. The line-up is Don E Sibley on guitar and vocals. Don is best known as the instigator of 'Don E Sibley And The Dixie Phoenix' and their notorious 'Punk bashing boogie' single from 1979. On bass is Chris Emo who was one of the founder member of Whirlwind who were a very influential band in the 1970's. Completing the lineup is Mick Prince on drums.

The Vee8s - Crazy legs

Black slacks (Bennett/Denton) EMI Music French king (Emo) *
High class baby (Samwell) Carlin Music Tennessee (Perkins) MPL Music Publishing
Party Doll (Bowen/Knox) Tro Essex Music Stockings and shoes (Gaston) Campbell-Connelly
Long blonde hair (Pavlik) Jet-Eye Music Susie Q (Broadwater/Hawkins/Lewis) Jewel Music
Can't wait til eight (Sibley) *  

vee8s single cover

Sunglasses Ron (Emo) * Two wheels (Sibley) *

* = Nervous Publishing.