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The Twangmasters

The Twangmasters are rock'n'roll, rockabilly surf, jumpin', jivin', boppin', strollin', ass-kickin' combo with lots of their own tunes hailing from the North West of Britain. It is a band with lots of experience formed out of bands that go back too many years to mention. Best live with a sound of pure rockin', aggressive beats and cool licks. Catch 'em in a town near you.
Members are :

  • Paul Barton - Lead Vocals
  • Alan Estlin - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
  • Carl Gunther - Doghouse Bass/Backing Vocals
  • Paul Couser - Drums/Backing Vocals
She's on the run (Barton) * Rockin' lil' mama (Barton) *
All broke down (Estlin) * Call me (Estlin) *
Denver (Estlin) * Hot rod mama (Estlin) *
Cadillac (Barton) * The look in your eyes (Estlin) *
Keymaster (Barton) * Lonely and blue (Estlin) *

Dasayuno completo ingles

I'm movin' on (Estlin) * Mood I'm in (Barton) *
Let's go boppin' tonite (Miller/Ferrier) Campbell-Connelly Walk with me (Barton) *
Don't wanna go home (Barton) * Miss you (when you're gone) (Estlin) *
Pipeline (Carman/Spickard) Peter Maurice Music She's the one to blame (Grogan) Carlin Music
Fireball XL5 (Gray) Copyright Control Hip shakin' mama (Cochran) Bug Music
Walkin' after midnight (Block/Hecht) Acuff-Rose Got my eyes on you (Spears) Copyright Control
Livin' man (Barton) * Gotta ride (Barton) *
Bullet proof (Drucker/Phantom) Rockerman Music/Eyeball Music  

Hound Dog Sessions

Pink and black (Fisher) Glad Music Honky Tonk Song (Peddy/Tillis) Universal Music
Sweet sweet girl (Gibson) Sony/ATV Music All I can do is cry (Universal Music)
Rockin' little mama (Barton) * Lonesome tears in my eyes (Burnette/Burnette) Universal Music
Boogie with my baby (Curran) Tex Jam Musoc BMI Blues stay away from me (Delmore/Delmore) Campbell Connelly
Teenage heaven (Cochran/Capehart) EMI/Unart Another gal (Barton) *
Train kept a rollin' (Mann/Bradshaw/Kay) Peter Maurice Music  

* = Nervous Publishing.