Nervous Records

The Rockamanics

Here are four rockin' guitar instrumentals commissioned by Nervous Records specifically for use in the background for TV programmes. See if you can guess which well known rockabilly musicians are lurking behind the name of Rockamanics!

Hit the ground running (Harman) * Do the snake (Harman) *
Bump the uglies (Harman) * Bust-up boogie (Harman) *

Rockamanics cd coverIn a parallel universe far, far away, Donald Trump leads a rock'n'roll band. Here he is with his latest hit, 'Make rock'n'roll great again'. In 'our' universe, the band is The Rockamanics and the song, 'Make rock'n'roll great again' is co-written by Mark Harman of Restless and Kaptain Zorch. The 'B' side is a cover of a song by Dutch rockabilly outfit, Mischief.

Make rock'n'roll great again (Harman/Williams) * In dreams (Van Der Erf) *

* = Nervous Publishing.