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The Flamin Ratrods

The Flamin' Ratrods hail from North Devon in the South West of England. They formed mid-2012 to write and play their own rockabilly/rockabilly based songs with the same energy that the very first rock 'n' roll/rockabilly bands had back in 1955. This is raw, rockin, rhythms not imitating but innovating and drawing on all the past we can find! Rockabilly for today for hot sweaty rockin' gigs you can go wreckin' nuts to! No studio trickery here, all recorded by the band in a wooden hut in the middle of nowhere! From 'Cute Little Zombie Girl', a graceful love song to the hypnotic rhythms of 'Bop Jump Stroll', there's definitely something for the weekend sir!

Saturday night (Teague/Wilson/Delve/Northam) * Butterscotch blonde (Teague/Wilson/Delve/Northam) *
Fever on a hot night (Teague/Wilson/Delve/Northam) * Cute little zombie girl (Teague/Wilson/Delve/Northam)*
Ride that train (Teague/Wilson/Delve/Northam) * Rockabilly bones (Teague/Wilson/Delve/Northam) *
Big beaty mama (Teague/Wilson/Delve/Northam) * Shouthouse (Teague/Wilson/Delve/Northam) *
Bop jump stroll (Teague/Wilson/Delve/Northam) * Filthy sweet (Teague/Wilson/Delve/Northam) *

* = Nervous Publishing.