Nervous Records

The Feds

The Feds were a rock'n'roll duo from South London. They were Jeff Runacre and Gerry O'Leary. Jeff had previously been in The Rockits and The Rock'n'roll Allstars, famous for their 'tour' of Red China in the 1970's! These recordings date from 1979, and were originally issued on a Nervous Records EP (NEP001) along with two more tracks by Rockin' Johnny Austin.
I well remember Big Jeff's powerful guitar sound with an ancient 50 watt Vox AC50 with two twelve-inch speakers and small horn. It could shake the floor in the Castle pub in Tooting!
The master tapes for these tracks literally fell apart (!) and these two tracks were sourced from an old EP. The second track mentions the Wild Wax Show.

Two time loser
(Runacre/O'Leary) *
(She's a ) Rockabilly queen
(Runacre/O'Leary) *

* = Nervous Publishing.