Nervous Records

Surfin' Wombatz

The Surfin' Wombatz were a bunch of lager-swilling psychobillies from South London.

Take the money and run (Gallagher)* Bad company blues (Young/Gallagher/Gallagher)*
Down the line (Young/Gallagher/Gallagher)* Manhunt (Gallagher)*
The sound (Gallagher/Gallagher)* I hear the pounding of my heart (Gallagher/Gallagher)*
Dick Turpin (Gallagher/Gallagher)* Welcome to the nightmare (Gallagher/Gallagher)*
Trapped in my bottle of beer (Gallagher/Gallagher)* Norman (Young/Granger/Gallagher/Gallagher)*
Moving down the street (Gallagher/Gallagher)* No more (Gallagher)*
Wild man (Gallagher/Gallagher)* Make your name count (Gallagher)*

* = Nervous Publishing.