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The Scamps - a French Rock'n'roll/Rockabilly outfit. This album was recorded in 1990 at Studio Ketchup, Le Havre, France apart from 'Play man' which was recorded at E.M.S. Musik Studio, Spengel, RFA.

The Scamps - Mayday

Should I stay (Peisey/Lagnier) *   Play man (Peisey/Lagnier) *  
Dead or alive (Lagnier) *   Voodoo girl (Peisey/Lagnier) *  
Mystery girl (Peisey/Lagnier) *   Poor boy (Peisey/Lagnier) *  
I go to pieces (Shannon) Vicki Music   Help me please (Peisey/Lagnier) *  
Keep on going straight (Peisey/Lagnier) *   Afore ye go (Peisey/Lagnier) *  
Lost generation (Peisey/Lagnier) *   Possessed (Lagnier) *  
Life is not so fine (Peisey/Lagnier) *   Luscious (Hall) Cop. Cont.  
Shake your hips (Moore) Campbell Connelly (live)  

* = Nervous Publishing.