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Rusti Steel and The Tintax

Rusti Steel (Paul Crosby) and The Tintax - a British authentic rockabilly outfit. These recordings date from 1989, and were produced by Pete Gage. Paul Crosby later turned up in Check Crosby And The Red Hot Wranglers and Ian Speller has turned up in several other bands.

Lookin' for a dollar (Crosby)* Bright moon (Crosby)*
Dreams (Crosby)* A date with the blues (Crosby)*
The old J. D. (Speller)* How could you do it (Speller)*
Why'd you go away (Crosby)* You're leavin', I'm grievin' (Crosby)*
More dollars than sense (Crosby)* Pretty little baby (Crosby)*
Tie me down (Speller)* The lights of my old home town (Crosby)*
The language of love (Crosby)* Sick and tired (Speller)*

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