Nervous Records

Rock Island Line

1970's Teddy Boy band who had quite a few 45s out on major labels and appeared in the film 'That'll be the day' with Ringo Starr and David Essex. All of their recordings are here. They were produced by Phil Bailey (PHAB Productions) and their singer's name was Stompin' Steve Wooltorton. Other members at different times included Dave Taylor and Iain Terry.

Choo choo ch'boogie (Horton/Darlin/Gabler) Anglo-Pic Music Go 'way hound dog (Johnson) Blue Ribbon Music
Teenage boogie (Pierce/Attaway) Cop. Cont. Boppin' the blues (Perkins/Griffin) Ridgetop Music
Ice cream (Johnson/Moll/King) Lawrence Wright Music Crossword puzzle (Green) Warner Chappell
If I ain't home (Wooltorton) PHAB Barkin' up the wrong tree (Woody/Simmons) Carlin Music
Justine (Harry/Sterry) ATV Music Maybe that's why I care (Wooltorton) PHAB
Ain't got no money (Gren) Edition Boogietunes Boppin' at the Hardrock (Green/Wooltorton) Cop. Cont.
Baby says (Wooltorton) PHAB Last train to San Fernando (Padmore/De Vere) Cromwell Music
Peepin' eyes (Feathers) Carlin Music Right string baby (Perryman) Carlin Music