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The Rattlers were a UK Neo-Rockabilly outfit from the early Eighties. I used to see them playing quite often at The Verulam Arms in Watford, where I was the DJ on Friday nights. You could say the sound on this cd is sort of 'sub-Polecats'. Their bassist (Nick Peck) went on the form The Preachers, and later turned up in The Wildkatz.

Rattlers - Scare me to death

Scare me to death (Carrington/PeckDavey)*   Little Red #1 (Carrington/Davey/Peck/Woodside)*  
Mine all mine (Carrington/Davey/Peck/Woodside)*   The cat crept in (Chinn/Chapman) BMG Music  
Hey baby! (Carrington/Davey/Peck/Woodside)*   Always yours (Glitter/Leander) Leeds/Universal/MCA Music  
You're my baby (Cash) Knox Music   The Rattlin' boogie (Carrington/Davey/Peck/Woodside)*  
I don't want you (Davey)*   Little Red #2 (Carrington/Davey/Peck/Woodside)*  
Movin' on (Carrington/Davey/Peck/Woodside)*   Ever lovin' baby (Carrington/Davey/Peck/Woodside)*  
The Devil rides out (Carrington/Davey/Peck/Woodside)*   Walkin' whistlin' blues (Unknown) Copyright Control  

Never say die CD cover
"More quality neo-rockabilly and comparable quality of tune. This is most definitely A Good Thing. As is the album, from the first note to the last. Lapses into the slightly stereotypical hiccoughing vocal style prevalent in the genre, but they do it well - and done well, this is also A Good Thing (witness Mark Cole, or Pip Hancox). All this and they still find time for a corking cover of 'For Your Love'. Whilst there is little that stink up an album faster than a poorly chosen or executed cover version, there are also few quicker ways to an eternal place in my musical heart than a good one. And this is a good one (like, obviously. I wouldn't have called it corking otherwise. Duh). Watch out for the well-spotted and recently requested album highlight 'Forbidden Love', too." blogspot

Gone forever (Peck/Shepherd)*   Cruisin' around (Peck)*  
For your love (Gouldman) Hermusic   She's the one (Corboy)*  
Saving it all for you (Smith) Cop. Cont.   Loaded dice (Peck)*  
Leavin' you behind (Peck)*   Never say die (Peck)*  
The man with the twi-light eyes (Peck/Shepherd/Peck)*   For you no more (Peck/Shepherd)*  
Forbidden love (Peck/Shepherd)*   October moon (McCarthy)*  
Never catch me again (Peck)*   A long way to go (Peck/Shepherd)*  
Friday on my mind (Vanda/Young/Redburn) EMI-Unart      

* = Nervous Publishing.