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Good British rockabilly outfit with some nice songs, led by guitarist/singer Steve Nemeth. In some ways they sound like a mixture between Restless and the early Jets.
"This is the first I've heard from The Muskrats, so I'm assuming that it's their debut album and, as such, it's a very strong one. 17 tracks in total from this rockabilly trio who have penned approximately three quarters of the tracks themselves. Among their own stuff I liked 'Rock strong' a slowish stroller with an ambient 'Stray cat strut'-ey sound. 'Good lookin' woman' has a choppy rhythm and good slap bass over which the singer hiccups his way through the track in true rockabilly style. There's also a Johnny Cash styled track called 'I told you all along' which comes complete with Luther Perkins sounding guitar. Of the covers?... There's an excellent version of the classic 'Venus' which is thankfully nearer the original than the Bananarama version." Deathrow Database #27

Sleeping beauty (Nemeth)* The only thing (Collins/Nemeth)*
Good lookin' woman (Collins/Nemeth)* I told you all along (Collins)*
Ain't that just... (Nemeth)* Rocking on the guitar (1) (Snider/Wren/Suttle/Shannon) Copyright Control
Muskrat (Travis/Ann/Hensley) Cross Music Ltd. Had a lotta lovin' (Collins)*
You're too much (Nemeth)* Ride my rod (Nemeth)*
Rock strong (Mansfield)* Driftaway (Collins)*
I'm leavin' (Collins)* Linda (Chaffin/Maddux) Copyright Control
Venus (Van Leeuwen) The International Music Network The young and the restless (Nemeth)*
Rocking on the guitar (2) (Snider/Wren/Suttle/Shannon) Copyright Control  

* = Nervous Publishing.