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Mean Cat Daddies

The Mean Cat Daddies were a UK Rockabilly outfit with some great 'moody' Eurobilly songs. Joe Meek would have loved them. The title song would have worked well in a French art-sex film of the mid-Sixties. While many guitarists have difficulty in getting enough sustain out of Gretsch guitar and resort to subtle distortion, the guy in this band had no problem in producing long clear notes from one! Think of Shane Fenton and The Fentones crossed with Sanford Clark....

Mean Cat Daddies - Ghost of your love

Sally Ann (Huyton) * She's just a memory (Huyton) *
Sign of the times (Huyton) * Why do I cry? (Huyton) *
Drivin' all night (Huyton) * I can tell (Smith/McDaniels) Jewel Music
Decision time (Bolton) * Tell me (Huyton) *
Am I the one? (Bolton) * Ghost of your love (Huyton) *
Midnight cruise (Huyton) * Losing game (Huyton) *
Waitin' for you (Bolton) * This is the end (Huyton) *

* = Nervous Publishing.