Nervous Records

Mark Harman

Mark Harman - the famed front man of Restless, releases his first solo album titled 'Cover up'

An album of classic covers selected by Mark.

Track listing:

Let It Rock
Tired 'n' Sleepy
Heartbreak Hotel
Route 66
Mona Lisa
You Don't Know Me
My Baby Left Me
Apron Strings
My Babe
Endless Sleep
Love Me
Summertime Blues
Trying to Get to You
16 Tons


Mark Harman returns, this time with The Rattlesnakes performing live in Moscow.


It's a Scam
Ghost Town
Tainted Love
Ice Cold
Why Don't You Just Rock
Last Chance Baby
Long Black Shiny Car
Yellow Cab to Midnight
All By Myself
After Midnight
Radar Love
What Can You Say
Long Winding River
Bottle on the Beach
Edge on You