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Long Tall Texans

Rage Records logo"For the nine years that the Long Tall Texans have been together, they have proudly maintained an originality and element of surprise not normally found within the psychobilly style. Starting off as the opening act at the psycho mecca, London's Klub Foot ('..which was great to do as we didn't have to pay to get in!'), the Long Tall Texans slowly worked their way up the bill until they were the headlining act. On stage, double bass player Mark Carew, who looks like he hasn't had a decent meal for months, disrespectfully hammers his instrument at such a frantic pace it's no surprise that now and again it simply falls apart! They're a band committed to enjoying themselves and giving value for money, and have always kept a very close rapport with their growing number of fans, deliberately avoiding any superficial superstar arrogance.
     After thousands of U.K. gigs and numerous trips abroad, The Long Tall Texans release 'Singing To The Moon' on Rage Records. This album is the band's fifth and contains fifteen newly recorded songs. This album was also released on a limited edition picture disc!!
     Due to the popularity of this album and their previous material, Rage Records releases 'In Without Knockin', a compilation of old and new material. The Long Tall Texans are now recognised as one of the top Psycho/Rockin'bands on the scene. Following the release of this record Mark Denman left the band to be replaced by Doug Shepherd (ex-Rattlers) on guitar." Original press release 1991

One more time (Denman)*   Non stop loving (Denman)*  
Singing to the moon (Denman/Carew) Soft Option Music   Axe to grind (Unknown)  
Rock bottom blues (Denman) Soft Option Music   Suicide at the seaside (Denman) Soft Option Music  
Klub Foot shuffle (Denman) Soft Option Music   Smiling eyes (Denman) Soft Option Music  
Winding me up (Denman) Soft Option Music   Alcohol (Greening) Pricksong Music  
Indian reservation (Loudermilk) Acuff-Rose Music   Nine days wonder (Denman) Soft Option Music  
Reactor (Lyell) Soft Option Music   Senses six and seven (Denman) Soft Option Music  
Witch hunting (Denman) Soft Option Music   Alabama song (Weill/Brecht) GEMA  
Singing to the moon (Border mix) (Denman/Carew) Soft Option Music   Rockin' crazy (Denman) Soft Option Music  
Poison (Denman) Soft Option Music   My babe (Dixon) Bug Music  
Get up and go (Denman) Soft Option Music   Texas boogie (Denman) Soft Option Music  
Long Tall Texans (Strzelcki) Francis Day & Hunter   Paradise (Denman) Soft Option Music  
My idea of Heaven (Denman) Soft Option Music   Mad about you (Denman) Soft Option Music  
Wreckin' me (Wilkins) Soft Option Music   Dance of the headhunters (Denman) Soft Option Music  
Rock'n'roll Part Two/Endless sleep (Leander/Glitter/Reynold/Nance) MCA/Carlin Music   Saints and sinners (Denman) Soft Option Music  
Should I stay or should I go (Strummer/Jones) EMI Virgin Music   Who's sorry now (Denman) Soft Option Music  
Indians (Denman) Soft Option Music   Gotta go (Bradley) Asterisk Music  
Your own way (Denman) Soft Option Music   Off my mind (Denman) Soft Option Music  
Texas beat (Denman) Soft Option Music   Get back wetback (live) (Denman) Nervous Publishing  
Bloody (live) (Gibb/Colinkski/Harris) Graphic Music   Right first time (live) (Denman) Soft Option Music  
Long Tall Texans (live) (Strzelcki) Francis Day & Hunter   Low down mean old son of a gun (Denman) Soft Option Music  

* = Nervous Publishing.