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King Memphis

Brilliant authentic and neo Rockabilly stylings from the USA. King Memphis is SO versatile, with songs in all sorts of rockin' styles, all with a driving slap-bass. This comes with our highest recommendation. They had previously been called 'The Memphis Mafia'. I saw King Memphis play at Hemsby under that name and they were wonderful. Roy Williams
I cannot recall ever hearing a more serene, nostalgic, loving song... LONE STAR, by King Memphis, whom I have never REALLY heard of before, has inspired something in me. The song reminds me of an open highway and open memories. Of years gone by,! and pains almost forgotten... Of perfume, backseats, boulevards... He now has yet another fan to tack on! R. S.
This band is hot, new and they combine vere rare talents: They're great musicians as well as good composers and this makes this CD a real pleasure. Produced by Sean Mencher the sound is exactly what you like to expect: Modern Rockabilly. Rock'n'roll Universe #1
"King Memphis is New England's internationally acclaimed rockabilly/swing quartet! From their Astonishing 1995 debut CD on U.K. record Label, Nervous Records to their brand new cd on Broken White records, King Memphis holds all the cards; great songs and plenty of style from lead vocalist, Kris Eckhardt, the brilliant guitar work of band leader, Matthew Robbins combined with one of the strongest rhythm sections in New England w/ veterans Kris Day on upright bass and Gary Burton on drums.
King Memphis has played around the world for some of the more reknowned roots music festivals and events such as The HEMSBY Rock N Roll Weekender in England, Green Bay's Rockin' 50's Festival in Wisconsin, The Rockabilly Ball in Seattle Washington as well as The James Dean Rockabilly Weekender in Indiana.
Not only is King Memphis an ensemble on their own, but they have had the fortunate opportunity to work with some of roots music's forefathers such as Ronnie Dawson, Sonny West (Buddy Holly's friend and author of Holly hits, Oh Boy and Rave On) as well as with Sleepy LaBeef and Bill Kirchen.
     With Vintage guitars and the upright slap bass, King Memphis delivers a hip shakin' beat that keeps fans dancing all night long. If King Memphis is playing, you can be sure that people will be on their feet, 'cause if it don't swing, they don't play it!" Official bio

Crazy alien chick (Eckhardt)* Little Joe from Chicago (Williams/Wells) EMU United Partnership
C'mon pretty baby (Robbins)* Lone star (Robbins/Eckhardt)*
Mr. Clean (Eckhardt)* Let it go (Robbins)*
She hit me with a whip (Eckhardt)* 62 ragtop (Eckhardt)*
Gonna have a ball (Robbins)* Baby baby (Hawkes/Johnson) Peermusic (UK)
You gotta pay (Barnes/Harrison) Cop. Cont. Walkin' my baby back home (Turk/Alhert) Victoria/Redwood Music
Big hair (Eckhardt)* Red hot and ready (Robbins)*
Gas cap (Eckhardt)* I'm mad (Robbins)*

* = Nervous Publishing.