Nervous Records

Johnnie Fox And The Hunters

Johnnie Fox and The Hunters are a UK Teddy Boy band. If you like Crazy Cavan, Flying Saucers and suchlike, then you'll like this.
"Great Rock'n'roll tracks .... the most requested track being 'My Bonnie' which is filling the dancefloors everywhere." Wildcat Pete
"Every one a winner - excellent first CD from Johnny Fox & The Hunters. A good mix of tracks - couple of Cavan numbers, a few strollers, a smoocher thrown in and some really rockin' tracks including 'Have You Seen Mabel' and 'You Know What I Mean'. Very reminiscent of the type of tracks the band play on stage, so if you like 'em live........ Red Hot'n'rockin

Look at that moon (Perkins) Universal Music Tennessee border (Work) Carlin Music
Sweet and easy (Orbison) Carlin Music Have you seen Mabel (Ford) Lark Music
Live a little (Strong) Nervous Publishing Theme for young lovers (Welch) Elstree Music
Ain't that a dilly (Grisham) Ridgetop Fools paradise (Glaire/Linsley/Petty) Peermusic UK
Shove it (Strong) Nervous Publishing My bonnie (Trad) Public Domain
You know what I mean (Jupp) Bucks Music Group Ltd Rockin' Daddy (Fisher) Lark Music
Hot rod man (Rubinowitz) Copyright Control The worrying kind (Lampert/Turnbull) Memory Lane Music Ltd
The World to me (Strong) Nervous Publishing Such a long way (Garson/Shiman) Campbell-Connelly
Skippin' and boppin' (Strong) Nervous Publishing