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Hi Voltage

Authentic Rockabilly from Scotland.
".... I also liked 'Used to be' by Hi Voltage a lot, which has a bit of a 'Caravans' feel ..." Christoph (Germany)
"Last year was great. We started off playing in Nashville and Las Vegas and it just kept getting better all year. It was such a good feeling playing in America where this music was born. We had a good time slot on the last night, the hall was packed and everyone was ready to have a good time. From what I have seen from the photo on the web the band looked to have had a ball. Check out the Viva las Vegas website. But why has Vince got Charlie Thompson's guitar? Originally, the band were going to be getting all of the equipment supplied, but there was a bit of a mix-up and when we got there, Vince had to borrow the acoustic from Charlie and Paul ended up using Bobby Horton's electric guitar. By the way, a big thanks to you guys for bailing us out at the last minute.
     2002 was very hectic for the band. 'We were pretty much playing live or in the studio every weekend last year. We also found time to start a new rockin' club called 'Radio' up in Edinburgh. We hope that people will check it out whenever they are up this way.'" Koolsville
I'm actually working listening to that brilliant Hi Voltage cd it's the nicest neo rockabilly I have to listen to durin' a lot of years....Paterson is a great guy !!!! A. S. (France)

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Good woman leavin' (Flagg) Copyright Control   I move I lose (Paterson)*  
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