Nervous Records

Hayride To Hell

"'Once a brilliant scientist, now a fucking lunatic', 'About going to the cemetery and dancing on the dead', 'I like to chop them with my knife', 'We'll bite your head and eat your brains', and 'With creatures at the dance floor and monsters at the bar'. Doesn't all this sound like a great mixture of gore and terror from a plot of a b-horror movie? Believe it or not they all come from the lyrics of this tremendous psychobilly band from Santa Cruz, California - 'Hayride to Hell'.
Things start to tremble with the exceptional slap in, 'Graveyard Stomp', 'I'll be doing the graveyard stomp': The talent is present here first with a guitar solo, then another one, followed by a bass solo, and then finished with the drums. I have to admit 'Evil Kneivel' is a catchy number the lyrics to this song really stick in your head. 'Creature Feature' is full of superior slapping, along with strong drums and first-rate guitar work. All of these songs are truly psycho, the perfect blend of unbalanced lyrics with excellent musical talents. The slapping of the bass is very pulsating and clear on all the tracks.
     The zombified quartet that thrusts out these insane psycho tunes is Craig Hart, howling throat (vocals) and spanking bass. John Long, screechin' guitar. Mark 'Bill' Canepa screaming guitar and Joey Myers, deadly drums. If there was ever a doubt that they play the devil's music, not to fret anymore - they play the devil's music and very well at that. To keep track of these raving lunatics BE AFRAID very AFRAID, enter at your own risk." Mary Gunning

Graveyard stomp (Long/Hart) *   Mad scientist (Long) *  
Serial killer (Long/Hart) *   Ghost rider (Long) *  
Evil Kneivel (Canepa/Long) *   Creature features (Long) *  
Rockin' coffin bar (Long) *   The evil within me (Long) *  
Munsterz (Marshall) MCA Music   Darkside (Canepa) *  
Fartbreaker (Long) *   Werewolves on wheels (Long/Hart) *  
Fightin' with Jack (Long) *   Don't take your guns to town (Cash) Carlin Music  

* = Nervous Publishing.