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Harry Laurelle/Laurel and Miles

Harry Laurelle

Laurel and Miles

Star-Light Records 45
Laurel was actually Harry Laurelle Smith, the owner of Star-Light Records from Racine, Wisconsin. In 1957, their backing band was The Silver Spurs, comprising of Jake Erdmann (MC), Jeanette Carlson (accordion), Al Riccio (steel guitar), Ray Hanson (bass fiddle), Jim Riccio (rhythm guitar), Mississippi Bill Harper (hot guitar) and the Beasley Sisters - Della Mae and Ruth Ann.

Sunset mountain (Smith - arr Williams)*   Sweet Hawaii (Satterly - arr Williams)*  

Harry Laurelle

Star-Light Records demo 45
Johnny got lucky (Williams - arr Williams)*   I've never been so lonely (Langsdorf/French/Maldonado - arr Williams)*  
Hello you pretty thing (Herron - arr Williams)*   Come back little Sheba (Provost)  
Echo love (Provost)   Custer's last stand (Reed)  
North to Heaven (Rosintoski)   Blue heart (Lamoureux)  

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