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Harry Hepcat

Harry Hepcat grew up with a taste for music. His grandfather had played trumpet in a band and Mother Hepcat studied tap dancing in the hope of joining a chorus line. It was from her singing around the house and her 78rpm records that the boy first discovered the world of music.
     Before there was rock'n'roll, Harry Hepcat became fascinated with the guitar through the work of Les Paul. "I really dug his sound and his records. I would never miss his fifteen minute TV show that was on in the early fifties."
     By 1955, Harry got the rock'n'roll bug. His first guitar came in early 1956. By 1958, Harry Hepcat was already performing with bands and recording. Evolving with the music current in the 1960s, Harry always included fifties material in his act. In 1967, he decided to devote himself solely to fifties rock and roll. He's been recording and performing ever since. Harry Hepcat performed for the original Broadway cast of 'Grease'. The fifties actors stated, "Hepcat's great! He's New York's best kept secret. We only act it; it's such a pleasure to hear the real thing".

Gonna slice you baby (Hepcat) *      

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