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Sort of 'pop-psychobilly'. It's where 'Brit-pop' meets Demented Are Go! I produced this myself at a now-defunct recording studio in Rayners Lane, Middlesex and it was a load of fun! Roy Williams
"Yes, who framed those bastards, who played pretty good Psycho/Neo-Rockabilly music? Led by vocalist Jason Griswald and guitarist (forgot his name, sorry!) they recorded only one album and a few singles. All of them are featured here as bonus tracks. This album was recorded with double-bass, but nothing special. Even if early tracks were with bass-guitar, I liked them a lot! OK, listen to this album and you'll get a happy hour. Music is 4 here, but I love this guys and cover art is cool, so 5!" Kirill Jakovlev

The Griswalds - Who framed The Griswalds

Fright night (Pudney/Barnham/Loadsman/Howling) *   Surfin' for a blonde (Barnham) *  
Deadtime (Pudney/Howling/Loadsman/Barnham) *   Happy hour (Cullimore/Heaton) Go-Discs Music  
Hit man (Barnham/Pudney) *   Blue oyster palace (Barnham) *  
Who's cryin' now (Pudney) *   Stop, jump about (Pudney) *  
Rich bitch (Barnham) *   Gay barn dance (Barnham/Pudney) *  
Crazy little kid (Pudney) *   Spasms (Pudney) *  
Mean mother... (Pudney) *   Tiger feet (Chinn/Chapman) BMG Music  
The hucklebuck (CD album version)
(Gibson/Alfred) MCA Music/Carlin Music
  Cry baby blues (Pudney/Barnham) *  

* = Nervous Publishing.