Nervous Records


This now defunct band from France gave us this album that can only be descibed as brilliant, and it's such a shame that they packed it in coz they could have gone far.. In places, they sound like they were Batmobile influenced (especially the vocals), but they had a style of their own. A good heavy slap bass, fast guitar work and driving drum beat deliver great tracks. If you like fast psycho but not just thrashy stuff, then this is worth having in your collection as it is very well played and has some slower tracks for those of a nervous disposition! Bedlam

Lost in a time vortex #1 (Hervier/Hervier/Defretiere)*   Raving mad (Hervier/Hervier/Defretiere)*  
Elektones (Hervier/Hervier/Defretiere)*   Heartless man (Hervier/Hervier/Defretiere)*  
Fist fight (Hervier/Hervier/Defretiere)*   Mad man (Wages)  
Get tattooed (Hervier/Hervier/Defretiere)*   I'm gone (Hervier/Hervier/Defretiere)*  
Let's cry out (Hervier/Hervier/Defretiere)*   Delirious (Hervier/Hervier/Defretiere)*  
Hell bent on rockin' (Hervier/Hervier/Defretiere)*   Gallows birds (Hervier/Hervier/Defretiere)*  
Thundering love (Hervier/Hervier/Defretiere)*   Shock rock (Hervier/Hervier/Defretiere)*  
Lost in a time vortex #2 (Hervier/Hervier/Defretiere)*      

* = Nervous Publishing
elektraws mid 1990's
Here are The Elektraws with Kaptain Zorch, their crazy manager and Marc Fenech of Southern & Rockin'.