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The Caravans were a British band from the south coast. They started in 1984 and were one of many bands to be found in the rockabilly boom of the mid eighties. Triggered by the success of bands like The Polecats, Stray Cats and The Jets, an alternative scene fronted by The Meteors, Guana Batz, Stingrays, etc. emerged, and The Caravans slotted nicely into it playing uptempo, hard-hitting but melodic rockabilly. At home they graced the stages of Dingwalls, Gossips (Gaz's Rockin' Blues), 'More than Vegas', St. Moritz... etc, etc. This Caravans album was originally a Nervous vinyl LP. Four tracks were added to the CD, and we've also added some tracks from other compilations to this page.

Caravans - Easy money

Rough diamond (Penington) *   Sneakin' out (Penington) *  
Ball & chain (Taylor/Penington) *   I've lost, you win (Penington) *  
Cryin' (Francis) *   Easy money (Penington) *  
A better place (Penington/Barnett/Gillman/Caso/Francis) *   Blues train (Penington) *  
Stranded (Penington) *   Good bye, good bye (Penington) *  
In the heat of the day (Penington) *   Sometimes I wish (Penington) Cat's Eye Music  
Stoned tired and cryin' (Penington) Cat's Eye Music   (Be my) Hearts desire (Penington) Cat's Eye Music  
Love me like you do (Unknown) Cop. Cont.   I ain't got no excuses (Penington/Taylor/Barnett/Francis) *  
Alcohol eyes (Penington/Taylor) *   I heard it through the grapevine (Whitfield/Strong) Jobete Music  
That's the way it is (Penington/Taylor/Barnett/Francis) *      

* = Nervous Publishing.