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Way back in the early Eighties, I was sent a demo by a band called Bonneville. As I recall, there were four tracks, and after listening, I decided to use the track called 'Trouble' for a compilation that I was working on (Stack-a-records, NERD007). I was struck at the time by the similarity in sound with some of Crazy Cavan's best stuff and, because at the time I was still DJ-ing, I liked the thumping bass on the track! Many years later, the rock'n'roll scene had gone through various twists and turns, and it seemed that the 'Teddy Boy' sound was coming back, so I let it be known that I was interested in material of that style. Imagine my surprise when Alan Wilson (Sharks) called me to tell me that he had bumped into one of the members of Bonneville and they had discovered a whole pile of tapes recorded at the same time - enough for a CD! I listened to the material, and I found that it reflected the life of a Teddy Boy, his trials and joys, successes and failures, and I decided that it had to be issued. Not all of the tracks have that 'Cavan' sound, in fact there's quite a wide variety of style within the general Rock'n'roll framework on this CD, which makes it enjoyable as something that one can put on and play all the way through. It really conjours up for me the life of a 'Ted' in Britain at the time. Yersssss.....

Trouble (Trull/Smith) * play sample in RealAudio   Sip sip sippin' (Trull/Smith) *  
Jumpin' jumpin' (Trull/Smith) *   Teddy boys (Trull/Smith) *  
Rockabilly beat (Trull/Smith) *   Miffs riff (Trull/Smith) *  
What do you want? (Trull/Smith) *   Bonneville bop (Trull/Smith) *  
Ain't no holdin' back (Trull/Smith) *   What you fancy (Trull/Smith) *  
Pipeline (Spickard/Carman) Peter Maurice   Never can tell (Trull/Smith) *  
Rockabilly baby (Trull/Smith) *   Dog house rock (Trull/Smith) *  
All night (Trull/Smith) *      

* = Nervous Publishing.