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Blue Cats - Early Days

All the early demos, EPs and unreleased recordings from the bands that went to make up The Blue Cats (The South Rebels, The Blue Cat Trio and Little Tony and The Tennessee Rebels).
"This CD is a compilation of the first two Blue Cats records which are compilations of various incarnations of the Blue Cats aka The South Rebels aka Blue Cat Trio aka Little Tony and the Tennessee Rebels. The usual standard of covers are present here and overall the music isn't bad for your typical 'by the numbers' rockabilly act. They sound quite a bit like the Polecats early recordings, but more like Polecats-lite. The vocals are a little thin and the music is traditional-influenced modern rockabilly. 'South rebel boogie' is a good rockin' instrumental and they have some fun upbeat songs so overall this cd is worth picking up." The Psycho Avenger

Blue Cats - Early days

The South Rebels

Tennessee Border (Work) Carlin Music   South Rebel boogie (South) Asterisk Music  
Matchbox (Perkins) Carlin Music   Rockin' daddy (Fisher) Lark Music  

The Blue Cat Trio

The Blue Cat Trio + Clive  
The Blue Cat Trio The Blue Cat Trio
Dancing doll (Adams/Stone) All Rock Music   Well I knocked (Carroll) Campbell-Connelly  
Goofin' around (Beecher/Grande) Burlington Music   Rockabilly boogie (Burnett/Hawkins/Mortimer) Mitchell Music Catalog  
I sure miss you (Davis/Bryan) Sony/ATV Music   Rock therapy (Bayer/Subotsky/Moore) EMI Music  
I flipped (Carroll/Hicks) Copyright Control   Pink and black (Fisher) Glad Music  
Sittin' on top of the world (Carter/Jacobs) Chappell-Morris   B-i-bickey-bi bo-bo-go (Carter/Nails/Rhodes) Campbell-Connelly  

Little Tony & The Tennessee Rebels

Slap that bass #1 (Bradley) Snappersongs   The turkey song (Bradley) Snappersongs  
Frankfurt special (Wayne/Edwards) Carlin Music   Sweet Caroline (Bradley) Snappersongs  
Crazy catfish (Bradley) Snappersongs   Roll on baby (Bradley) Snappersongs  
Baby's number one (Bradley) Snappersongs   Honey hush (Turner) Carlin Music  
Slap that bass #2 (Bradley) Snappersongs   Ten little women (Noland) Peermusic (UK)  
Blue moon (Rogers/Hart) EMI Untited Partnership   Rock the barn (Bradley) Snappersongs  
Crawdad hole (Trad) Public Domain   Idle on parade (Praverman) Pan Musik