Nervous Records

Beth and The Bobkats

Beth and The Bobkats are a rockabilly outfit from Liverpool, led by guitarist and songwriter Pete Morley, who is a big fan of 'femme vocals'. He is ably assisted by Paul and Ian on bass and drums. Beth adds her own unique vocal stylings to the mix with some covers of Janis Martin, Nancy Sinatra and Gloria Jones. However these guys aren't lost 'in the past'. You'll also find covers of Imelda May and Maibell and The Misfires from Finland. Add to this a couple of inventive instrumentals and we have a very 'playable' album.

Big bad handsome man (May) Chrysalis Music These boots are made for walkin' (Hazlewood) Marapa Music
Martha Bloom (Morley) * Never give up (Morley) *
Drug store rock and roll (Martin) Sony/ATV Music I love a man (Morley) *
Let's elope baby (Griffin) Chappell-Morris You're gonna miss him (Kunnas) El Toro Music
The dualist (Morley) * Tainted love (Cobb) Burlington Music
Kiss and tell (Morley) * Mood dog (Morley)
Louie (Morley) * Mondays (Morley) *
Spacey (Morley) * Leavin' again (Morley) *
Billy (Morley) * Mr Motty (Morley)
Walk my way (Morley) * Rock me daddy (Morley) *

* = Nervous Publishing.