Nervous Records

Adulescents UK

Archetypal 'old school' UK Punk from this mob of Doncaster wastrels!
"It's the Adulescents UK, Doncaster's prime exponents of raw classic punk rock, launching with fierce abandon into the ska-punk jackhammer skank of Contents Of A Town. They capture the raw anger and frustration of Sex Pistols punk, chew it up and spit it out again in bloody, jagged chunks." Eerie Powers

Society owes me a living (Saxton/Dunn/Smith)* No no (Saxton/Dunn/Smith)*
Jelly machete (Saxton/Dunn/Smith)* Witch of insanity (Saxton/Dunn/Smith)*
No war no more (Saxton/Dunn/Smith)* Death wish (Saxton/Dunn/Smith)*
Mrs. Thatcher's on the dole (Saxton/Dunn/Smith)* We did nothing wrong (Saxton/Dunn/Smith)*

* = Nervous Publishing.