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"The Taggy Tones formed in 1989. Jess was working in a record shop, when he met Rene who had come to buy some drums. Jess remarked that he wanted to join a band if the opportunity arose. The drumming position wasn't really working out for Rene, so he decided to play double bass instead. They got Laurent on lead guitar after seeing an advertisement in a newspaper he'd placed looking for a rock'n'roll band to join. Jess called Jakob and he joined on drums, and Taggy Tones was a reality.
     The first gig was in January 1990 for the Elvis Presley Fan Club in Copenhagen. They weren't very experienced yet, but had to play two songs live on national Danish radio, who were broadcasting the event! They performed 'Blue Suede Shoes' and 'Baby Let's Play house'. Jakob had only joined two weeks earlier, and was originally a bass player, with very little experience on drums. So now the Taggy Tones line-up was Jess M. Rasmussen on rythm guitar and vocals, Rene Karlson on double bass, Laurent Paris on lead guitar and Jakob Øelund on drums. Rene and Laurent were also singing some songs. Laurent was originally from Paris, France, and when he suddenly wanted to move back to Paris, the band got a female guitarist called Margrethe Bjørklund. (Magrethe came from a country band called Darlens). Then she left and Laurent came back to Copenhagen and rejoined the band.
     Jess's first band was called 'The Wolfpack' which also featured Kim from Nekromantix, on drums. Then he was in more of a straight 'saxy' rock'n'roll/rockabilly band called 'Candymen' (which also featured Kim Nekroman, but this time on double bass), and then a stint in a band called 'The Shakin Clefs' which didn't really work out. In the late 90's Jess played in a neo-swing band called the Swangsters which had Peter Sandorf from Nekromantix on leadguitar.
     Jakob played as an electric bass player in a band called 'Fat Elley' that started doing heavy rock 'Thin Lizzy' style, before diversifying into the songbooks of 'Stray Cats' and 'Robert Gordon'. At this time Jakob had long hair, but he promised that it will never happen again. When Jakob left 'Fat Elley', his little brother Emil (later too join Taggy Tones) took over on bass.
     Laurent had been in a Parisian band called 'The Teenyboppers' that played pretty standard 80's based rockabilly (Stray Cats meet Cochran style)." From Taggytones homepage www.taggytones.dk

Taggy Tones

Viking attackLost in the desert
So fine, so kind (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)* B.C stomp (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)*
501 (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)* John and Mary (Palmer) Island Music
Pretty eyes (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)* Rebel cat (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)*
To my dad (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)* Paris, Copenhagen (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)*
Crazy love (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)* Viking attack (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)*
Crazy kid (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)* From me to you (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)*
C'mon Johnny (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)* Sound of guns (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)*
Letter to my baby (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)* Myggen svermer (40¢) (Trad-arr. Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)*
I miss you (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)* Monster bop (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)*
Big machine (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)* People are strange (Morrison/Manzarek/Densmore/Krieger) Rondor Music (London)
Wild girl (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)* Double trouble (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)*
Saturday night (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)* Trouble boys (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)*
Everybody's rocking (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)* Keep on waiting (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)*
Nose pickin' mama (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)* Lonely tonight (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)*
Baby I don't care (Leiber/Stoller) Carlin Music Champagne for breakfast (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)*
Blue train (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)* My first guitar (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)*
Kinky Miss pinky (Rasmussen/Oelund/Paris/Karlsson)*   

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