Sonny West - Relentless

Relentless - Sonny WestNervous logoGreat guitar and vocal neo-rockabilly from Sonny West - if you like that 'desperate' sound with a bit more production, this is for you. There's a lot of variety, too, with guitar instrumentals, 'Elvis' style Rock'n'roll, and even a couple of smooth rock songs at the end. This guy had talent! The CD was produced by Alan Wilson at Icehouse Studios, which produced a fair number of hits in its day. Sonny West's girlfriend at the time (Tiger Lily) can be heard on backing vocals on 'Blue fire'. There was an earlier and more 'grungy' LP on Sonny West's own label which is long since deleted, although a track off it made its way onto a Fury Records compilation ('Lordy Hoody').

Sonny West

Come on everybody (Byers) Carlin Music Come on let's go (Valens) Tro-Essex Music
Guitar attack (West) * Relentless (Dixon) Cop. Cont.
Think it over baby (West) * Almost grown (Berry) Jewel Music
Jasmine (West) * Icehouse (West) *
Take and give (Hesselbein/Rhodes) Knox Music Wyle E. Coyote (West) *
Blue fire (Tomsco/Petty) Campbell Connelly I'm a man (McDaniels) Jewel Music
So long baby (West) * Doin' the boogie (West) *
Darlene (West) * Hot choc (West) *
Runaway girl (West) * I'll be there (West) *

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