This page is intended for PC users of Windows 95, 98 and XP.
       We've noticed that a lot of people who buy new computers find that they are not always set up for optimum web performance. Most web-page designers these days are working to a screen resolution of 600 X 800 or 768 X 1024, and some people have their systems set up for 480 X 600, which means that websites don't always display at their best.
Gary the geek knows everything!Here's how you change this in Windows 95/98/XP:

While you're there, you might like to try improving the colour settings on your machine to get a more accurate representation of what the designer intended to be seen. Sometimes increasing the colour settings will decrease the screen resolution, and sometimes you may get some screen 'flicker'. It's worth experimenting to get the best out of your machine, and what you find the most pleasing within its capabilities. After all you paid for all this hi-tech stuff, and you should use it to the best of its ability to get your money's worth!

You may have to re-start your machine for the changes to take effect, and you might like to re-adjust your desktop. Basically, everything will look smaller, but you can get more on the screen. For example, You won't have to do as much scrolling as in the past, and you'll see more cells in a spreadsheet on the screen at the same time. If you don't like the way things look, you can always change them back to how things were (you DID note down the previous settings, right?).
We cannot accept any responsibility for what might happen as a result of this, but it is all part of Microsoft's operating system, and we've not personally experienced any extra problems.

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