The Screaming Kids

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Screaming Kids

French Neo-rockabilly/Psychobilly band from Strasbourg. "This is the only album put out by these French psychos. Released over ten years ago, however still remaining a classic and solid piece of French Psychobilly history. The album features both singers the band has had during its short history. Recommended to any fan of true Psycho music..... The Screamin' Kids do not hold back on the stand up bass mayhem. Get now or die! Available from the Nervous web-site or your local Psychobilly dealer!" Reviewed By The Psycho Avenger 2002

Screaming Kids

Suck my poison (Haezebrouck)* Stop shakin' them (Haezebrouck)*
Lüger (Haezebrouck)* L'homme à la moto (Leiber/Stoller/Drejac)
Hope you never see my woman cry (Haezebrouck)* My split (Haezebrouck)*
Go home (Haezebrouck)* Don't get down (Haezebrouck)*
Little John (Haezebrouck)* Young boys wild boys (Haezebrouck)*
Ride and die (Haezebrouck)* Baby's gone (Haezebrouck)*
Rock'n'roll haunts my blues (Haezebrouck)* Family ties (Haezebrouck)*

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