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Restless are our most successful act, probably the most successful of all neo-rockabilly bands never to have charted nationally. They have sold many thousands of records, and have toured the world. When they announced their intention to fold up the band in the Autumn of 1998, this page was to have become their epitaph....

The line-up at this time was Mark Harman (vocals and guitar), Paul Harman (double bass) and Rob Tyler (drums). Both Mark and Rob also played on the Dave Phillips 'Wild Youth' album. Mark also played with The Space Cadets. The line-up changed a bit over the years, and people who have came and went were Ben Cooper, Mick Malone, Jeff Bayly and Steve Whitehouse (Sharks, Frenzy).

And this should have been the end of the story, but...... as with all good things, we couldn't let them go. So they're back! The original line-up playing their early material - and with a new cd. GREAT!!!!

The band were presented with a 'Bronze Disc' (sales of 25,000 units) for their first Nervous album. The presentation took place at the NEC (Birmingham) as they were in the middle of their first set at the 'press day'. Mark was totally shocked, because he had no idea that it was going to happen!

In 2007, it looked like it was all over again, but Mark continued with 'Loose Noose'. However, the public were not to be denied, and due to continuing demand, Restless look like being around for a long time yet.

Here is a list of some of the early CDs by this great band.

Their first studio album with some early classics
Their second studio album - some of their best known songs
NERCD004It's a scam/Ice cold/ Why don't you just rock?/ High time/ Last chance baby/ Tag, man, tag/ Long black shiny car/ Face in my gin/ Yellow cab to midnight/ Morning comes slowly/ Blackat/Travellin/ High time #2/ Later/That's all rightNERCD015 Bottle on the beach/ Here I am/Fool's gold/ Down at the swamp/ Alabama jailhouse/ Prisoner of love/Sob story/ Crack up'n'fall to pieces/ Sixteen tons/ Baby please don't go/ Here I am (dub)/Sweet surprise/Edge on you/ Slidin' on down the hill/ Why didn't I stay at home?
The early demos and second singleThe first Madhouse album
NERCD026 Rock the joint/Hightime/ 20 Flight Rock/ Modern romance/ Sag, drag and fall/ Double talkin' baby/ Something I said/ It's a scam/ Why don't you just rock?/ Bottle on the beach/ Here I am/ Why didn't I stay at home?/ Slidin' down the hill/ Edge on you NUTACD1 Radar love/Neutron dance/ Beat my drum/ Do what I do/London boy/ New Orleans/ Dance with the Devil/ Get it while you can/ Tumblin' down/Big wheel/ Crossed line/Ain't got you/ Just can't take it/ Educate yourself/ Love attack/16 tons/ Long black shiny car/ Mr.Blues/Bottle on the beach
TMCD1001Long Winding River/Dance your blues away/Last chance baby/Your cheatin' heart/Ghost town/Leavin' this town/High time/Vanish without a trace/Face to face/Show me the door/The girl invisible/Somebody told me (single mix)/Ice cold (1987 remake)/The hunt goes on/Stranger/People love a show/That's all right mama/Shoppin' around/Too much monkey business NUTACD5 What can you say/ Somebody told me/ Do you really want to know?/ Trouble rides a fast horse/ Bye-b-b-by-by-bye/ How can I find you?/ You lose/After midnight/ Dark blue sea/The face/ Just a friend/Warm up/ Ghost town/ The girl invisible/ Knock on wood/Ice cold/ 16 tons/Baby please don't go/ The edge/Bottle on the beach
The original ABC mixesSee below for review!
NUTACD7 What can you say/ Somebody told me/ The face/ Trouble rides a fast horse/ Bye-b-b-by-by-bye/ Do you really need to know?/ You lose/ How can I find you?/ Dark blue sea/ After midnight/ Just a friend NERCD072 (figure it out) Road to paradise/
Guitar man/ Nowhere to go/ Just an echo/ Empty hands/ Better than nothing/ Still waiting/ I go wild/ Shopping around/ Going back/ His latest flame/ Memoir blue
See below for a review of this amazing record!
Recorded with no amplification, this is 'Restless Unplugged'.
NERCD087 Ice cold/
Long black shiny car/ Bottle on the beach/ baby please don't go/ Edge on you/ Modern romance/ New Orleans(live)/ Radar love/ Just can't take it/ Tobacco road/Memphis/ Somebody told me/ How can I find you/ Ghost town(live)/ Poor man's prison/New girl friend/Dark blue sea/ You're just an echo/Old black joe
MCG20021 Ice cold/ Rock therapy/ Long winding river/ Poor man's prison/ Cryin' over you (slow)/ Cryin' over you/ Take 5/ Too much monkey business/ Leavin' this town/ Money honey/ I am what I am/ You cheating heart/ Heartaches by the number/ I met her today/Proud Mary/Mess of blues/Mona Lisa

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 Mark plays a telecaster (left-handed)
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Over the years, Restless have managed to create a 'Restless' sound that is at once both identifiable as Neo-Rockabilly and Restless. Occasionally, a band manages to inject their own style into a previously existing style of music and make it their own. Some bands even manage to generate 'copy bands', and Restless have managed to do this, with their influence being heard on many other Neo-Rockabilly bands. The best of these is a German band called The Hot Riffs. They have a CD out called 'Job done' (one of Mark's favourite sayings!), and if you are a fan of the Restless style, you will LOVE this CD. I promise. Meanwhile, playing games, the boys came back with a CD on Blood Sucking Records called "s'O.K., S'alright", under the guise of the "harmany bros.". There are other good 'Restless rip-off' bands around like The Red Velvet Trio and The Tin Cans. If you're a fan of the 'Restless sound', these are well worth getting.

You can write your own reviews on these CDs. We'll print them on this page, which is for Restless fans. You could write a review of a good concert as well if you wish. All reviews sent to us that we print will be credited to you, and an e-mail link back to you will also be programmed in if you wish.
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Figure it out

This record was released in 1993 by Nervous. This was the last album with Steve Whitehouse on Upright bass. The whole record has a lighter feel about it than their last recordings. This record includes three cover versions, all made famous by Elvis Presley (Guitar Man, Shopping around, His latest flame). Mark Harman knows how to sing Elvis songs. Two songs are written by Shaun Kirkpatrick who played with Frenzy at this time. They are called Nowhere to go and Still Waiting. Also he plays the lead guitar on Road to Paradise and Just an Echo (A song that could storm the Charts). Mark Harman wrote 5 songs on his own. The very aggressive I Go wild, Going back, Memoir Blue (This song really makes you cry), Empty Hands (I love it) and Better than nothing (with a sixties riff : C Am F G7). Restless are changing their style from album to album. And this time they play songs for your heart and a few rocking songs.The CD also have a wonderful booklet with great photos of the band. So go to your record dealer and buy it.
Review written by : Alex Wunsch, Ratingen, Germany

The very best of Restless

Finally Nervous released the first best of album from the legendary Restless. Like always on Nervous the cd includes a wonderful booklet with many photos of the band. On this CD you can find all the classic hits which made Restless so popular by Psychos and Neo-Rockabillys like Bottle on the Beach, Ice Cold, Baby please don't go, Edge on You, Long Black Shiny Car. There are lot of great cover versions like New Orleans (live at the Big Rumble with a very powerful sound), Poor Mans Prison (Gene Vincent), New Girlfriend, Radar Love (Golden Earring), Old black Joe, Memphis Tenesse, Tobacco Road and Modern Romance. Other songs are Just can't take it (Beat my drum), Somebody told me, How can I find you (Kicking into Midnight), Ghost town (live, taken from the Live'n'Kicking), Dark Blue Sea (After Midnight) and the pop song Just an Echo (Figure it out). Finally it's a good choice of songs they put on this cd. Keep on rockin' and buy it at Nervous.
Review written by : Alex Wunsch, Ratingen, Germany

The Harmany Brothers

I'm afraid I'm one of these people who buys anything released by Mark Harman or Restless, irrespective of how good or crap the previous release was. I think most people would agree that although on their previous couple of albums there has been the odd glitch, the rest has been brilliant. Mark seems to be branching into little niches with each new album released. With the Space Cadets, they had their own brand of valvey primitive sounding rockabilly on the theme of outer space and now with this new release Mark and the boys have ventured down a dusty country track. There are some crackers here namely Blood Sucking Boogie and Rockabilly Rat and the rest isn't far behind. I can't wait to see them at The Charlotte at the end of September when hopefully they will do a couple of numbers from this album. It's a true testament to the band that 13 odd years down the line, Restless, in one form or another are still turning out original and worthwhile material which for a rockabilly/neo band is pretty good. Keep it up!!! Kevin

Restless - Kicking into Midnight

Hey Hey What can you say ? This CD includes the "after midnight" LP in the original Restless style without keyboards and the classic "live'n'kicking" album recorded in 1987 at the famous Klubfoot in Hammersmith. The original tracks of the "after midnight" album were recorded on the commercial ABC label in 1985 and let me say : I hate this album! The songs are O.K. but the sound is so boring...Two years later Restless left ABC (What a luck!) and discovered their own exclusive sound. Pete Gage and Restless decided to set the record straight on cd and entirely remix and in some cases re-recorded using the original tracks but this time in the pure Restless style. Also the cd gives us 9 Live songs including some old classics like Ghost Town, Ice Cold, 16 Tons, Baby please don't go, The Edge and Bottle on the beach. Take a listen to the shouting crowd (yeeeaaah) and wreck around the floor. Restless are playing since 17 years now (1980) and I hope they'll give us a lot of more brilliant records like this in the nearly. The Line Up on this album : Guitar + Vocals : M. Harman, Rhythm Guitar : M. Malone, Slap Bass : J. Bayley, Drums : Big Ben... Review written by Alex Wunsch

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