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Johnny Black is an Australian Rockabilly artist who plays fine piano. His Australian band is called The Blackjacks. This CD combines elements of Tim Polecat's 'Virtual Rockabilly', 'The Tunnel' from The Bluecats and there's also some of the more recent Quakes and Jerry Lee Lewis in there, too! Warning: This CD is the result of many years of alcohol research, user caution advised...Johnny Black"I just got this CD in the mail today, and I'm already listening to it for the fourth time. At first I thought 'This is great', then I thought 'Heck, this guy is using electronic keyboards in rockabilly music!'. Yeah, I know, that's a big NO-NO. Still I couldn't stop listening to these self-penned, self-produced tracks. This album really rocks, and the sound is superb, the bass lines are so clear and catchy, I was boppin' around the office, swivel desk-chair and all.
     Johnny wrote twelve of these songs himself, but you will notice that some are heavily influenced by original tracks. Like when listening to 'Fight Back', Marty Robbins' 'Big Iron' comes to mind immediately. Keyboards or not, this is an awesome rockabilly platter. And like Sonny Burgess got away with using trumpets in rockabilly (and you just gotta dig that!), maybe Australia's Johnny Black is gonna be the first to be accepted on the rockabilly scene using keyboards. Check him out!"
Commented by The BlackCat, 2003
"Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Johnny Black is a veritable one man band performing and recording all of the material on this CD. Extra Chrome contains fourteen tracks of self-penned songs that defy the norms of both neo and traditional rockabilly. Johnny is the 'Trent Reznor' of rockabilly, performing all of the instrumentation on electronic keyboards. The music is equal parts neo rockabilly + 80's new wave + Jerry Lee Lewis, with lyrical references that range from 'Cast Iron Arm' to 'Ballroom Blitz'. Johnny's singing voice is excellent and the recording quality is fairly good for a self produced album. This is a unique set of recordings that may not appeal to most traditional rockabilly fans, but those of you looking for something different should check it out."
Planet Rockabilly
"This has absolutely got to be a first, at least a first for me. Iíve never heard of a one-man Rockabilly band before but now I can say I have. I'm no expert but all the kids out there making dance/electronic music with midi boards was pretty sure to bleed into different music styles and now we can say Australia's own Johnny Black has done just that. Mix Sigue Sigue Sputnik and the Stray Cats on some kind of crazy collaboration and you have Johnny's new CD, Extra Chrome, pretty well tagged. The instrumentation (if I can call it that) is pretty solid, sometimes sounding computer generated and sometimes deceivingly realistic. Overall if you ever want to hear something a little different, and a little daring, this is your disk. Extra Chrome is fourteen tracks with a majority of originals which are well written, with good vocals. This by far has been the most experimental and most interesting CD I've heard in a long while."
Cleveland rockabilly uprising

Johnny Black

Fade away (Shires) * Fight back (Shires) *
Barroom hop (Shires) * Rockabilly girls (Shires) *
Shakin' with the fever (Shires) * Sock it to me (Shires) *
We're gonna rock (Shires) * Rockin' boppin' strollin' (Shires) *
Bop bop bop (Shires) * play sample in RealAudio Goin' back south (Shires) *
New gypsy blues (Shires) * Crackerjack (Shires) *
Hurricane (Bloomfield) BMG Music All nite long (Geddins) Cop. Cont.

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