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Get Smart

Get Smart came from Southampton and were Roy Phillips on vocals, Rich Caso on guitar, Johnny Bowler on slap-bass and Jimmy Fahy (ex Flip-out) on drums. Rich Caso also spent some time in The Caravans, as did Johnny Bowler, who was also briefly in the Guana Batz and then he moved to California and joined the Barnyard Ballers. Get Smart called this music 'Jazzabilly'.

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It's up to you (Bowler/Phillips/Caso/Richards)* Swamp fever (Bowler/Phillips/Caso/Fahy)*
Ready or not (Bowler/Phillips/Caso/Fahy)* What's your papa gonna say (Bowler/Phillips/Caso/Fahy)*
Ain't no use (Bowler/Phillips/Fahy/Caso)* Baby, won't you come out tonight (Holly) Southern Music
Early times (Binder) Powerforce Music Ape man (Bowler/Phillips/Fahy/Caso)*
My babe (Dixon) Bug Music Frankie and Johnny (Trad)
You're my baby (Cash) Knox Music Heavens above (Bowler/Phillips/Fahy/Caso)*
Sixteen tons (Travis) Campbell Connelly Lines of love (Bowler/Phillips/Fahy/Caso)*
I can't wait (Bowler/Phillips/Fahy/Caso)* Game called love (Bowler/Phillips/Fahy/Caso)*

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