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Nervous logoGene CrazedGene Crazed was born in Foggia (South Italy) in 1972. When he was fourteen he started playing in his first band called ‘Southern Kids’, inspired by Hasil Adkins, Jack Starr, Ron Haydock, Eddie Cochran, Nervous Norvus, Screamin' Lord Sutch and other primitive and underground rockabilly singers and all psychobilly styled. At the same time, Gene started performing as one man show all over the place (festivals, clubs, bars, parties...). Afterwards he created new bands such as ‘Kronos Postmortem’ (Garage Psychobilly) in 1989/1990, ‘Superargos’ (the first Italian Wrestling Masked Trash'n'Roll band) and in 1993 he released two demos and a 45 rpm EP, ‘The Petrifieds’ (Surf-Instr-Horror band inspired by 50's and 60's horror soundtracks) plus two demos and a 45 rpm, ‘Warning! Monster’. In 2003 he founded ‘The Pink Coffins’, a pure psychobilly band influenced by 50's and 60's B-Movies. Up to now, Gene has recorded close to 1300 songs. He released some demo tapes and a 45 rpm, ‘Rockabilly Spooky’ in 1996. In 2006, Gene Crazed released his first complete album, ‘Greased Ghoul Rock’, 22 tracks of raw, primitive, acoustic and homemade Rockabilly.
      More recently, he released new self-produced CD-R DIY albums, ‘Suburban Juke Box’, ‘Crazed batty and gone’, ‘Tape X’, ‘Son of Fuzz ‘, ‘ Cassette Tapes 89/92’, ‘ TV Freaks’ and ‘Live at Tromaville’ all published between 2009 and 2013. Gene Crazed still performs on stages all over Europe by espousing the true spirit of a Southern Rockabilly singer, heavily influenced by Lo-Fi Psychobilly.


Gene Crazed - vocals and rhythm guitar Raw Paolo - drums
Recorded live at garage no.13 by Mick 'Synth' Perrella and home mastered at Mick's house.
Special thanks to... Roy Williams, Mick Perrella, Count Gerhard Graf, Davide Cavada, Alessandra and all horror freak fans.

Gene Crazed EP

Graveyard rock (Cicconetti) *I wanna fuck your mouth (Cicconetti) *
Gang bang boogie (Cicconetti) *I want your ass (Cicconetti) *
My hand under your miniskirt (Cicconetti) *I'm the wolfman (Robin) Copyright Control
I walked with a zombie (Erickson) Orb Music/Wixen Music  


Devil's Grip

Devil's grip cover

Blue night (Cicconetti) * Shake your dick (Cicconetti) * 
Shimmy and shake (Cicconetti/McGill/Amerson) Nervous Publishing/Copyright Control Suck my sweet lollipop (Cicconetti) * 
Devil's grip (Cicconetti) * Gee whiz (Coates) Asterisk Music 
High school caesar (Neel/Nichos) John Neel Music ASCAP Madman blues (Cicconetti) * 
Doll maker (Cicconetti) * Green slime (Gaden) EMI United Partnership 
Rockabilly hop (Rex/Jones/Howard) Asterisk Music Strollin' after dark (Smith) SONY/ATV Music 

Rockabilly Raving

Devil's grip cover

Twist fever (Hall/Day) Fairway International Jake head boogie (Hopkins) Universal Music
Pussy party (Cicconetti)* The rat fink (Wray) Vernon Wray Music BMI
Boogie man (Otruba) Puncas Music GEMA Rockabilly raving (Cicconetti)*
Like a train (Cicconetti)* The hunch (Porcelli/Columbe) December Music BMI
Little pig (Mathis/Kilgore) Tristan Music Lubrification (Cicconetti)*


Spit-off cover

Walk alone with my guitar (Cicconetti)* Round and around (Berry) Jewel Music
Monsters a go-go (Quinn) Quinn Pubco BMI Motorcycle murder (Cicconetti) *
Homicide (Wachendorf) All Rock Music Dracula the dirty old man (Cicconetti)*
Curse of the hearse (Knutson) Musicare Ltd Rumble blues (Grant/Wray) Chappell-Morris Ltd
Rock'n'roll is here to stay (White) Tristan Music Graveyard rockin' cemetery road (Cicconetti)*
Al Adamson's grave (Cicconetti)* Rockabilly rebel (Cicconetti)*
Surfin' bird (Frazier/White/Turner/Harris) Ardmore And Beechwood Ltd 


This album was recorded in October 2017 with just one live recording. Gene Crazed and The Greasy Stranglers is formed by:Gene Crazed - Vocals and Lead Guitar, Little Carlo - Noise and Rhythm Guitar, Brazil - Bull Fiddle and Simon Cab - Snare and Traps .
It cover

It (Papo/Rotel) BMI I stretch and you lick (Cicconetti)*
Necro baby (Cicconetti)* Rockabilly rebel (maniac on the loose) (Leckie) Fleurs Du Mal
Munsters theme (Marshall) Universal Music Love me (Lott) Universal/MCA Music
Wild guitar (Mangagli) Warner-Chappell Music Her panties (Cicconetti)* Chappell-Morris Ltd
Endless sleep (Reynolds/Nance) Carlin Music The witch (Roslie) Valet Publishing

* = Nervous Publishing
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