The Polecats
Cult heroes
The Deltas
Boogie disease
Hep Cat Hop
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Old LP sleeve
1.Rockabilly guy 2.High-rise rockabilly
3.Chicken shack 4.Rock it up baby
5.Red hot rock 6.Rockin' all nite
7.Marie Celeste 8.My baby said #1
9.Left, right and centre 10.Bite the dust 11.My baby said #2 12.Big green car
1.Boogie disease 2.As you like it
3.Blues in the bottle 4.Honey babe
5.Victim of my love 6.London girls
7.Who 8.That ain't your business
9.Raging sea 10.Heart attack
11.Temperature 12.Pie'n'mash
13.Moonshine 14.Nine below zero
15.Fashion train 16.Long black train
1.Buzz & The Flyers
My baby can't be satisfied
2.The Syn-dicate
Synthabilly baby
3.The Ricochets
Long winding river
5.Scotty Robbins & The Psychobillies
Red hot rock
6.The Dynamite Band
Let's have a wonderful time
7.Buzz & The Flyers
Everybodys movin'
8.The Syn-dicate
Rapabilly boogie
9.The Ricochets
Leavin' this town
11.Scotty Robbins & The Psychobillies
Rock it up baby
12.The Dynamite Band
He's a swingin' cat
Why don't you just ... rock?
The Ricochets
Made in the shade
Buzz & The Flyers
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1.It's a scam 2.Ice cold
3.Why don't you just rock?
4.High time 5.Last chance baby
6.Tag, man, tag 7.Long black shiny car
8.Face in my gin 9.Yellow cab to midnight
10.Morning comes slowly
11.Blackat 12.Travellin
13.High time #2 14.Later
15.That's all right
1.Witchcraft 2.Migraine 3.Hey, girl
4.Yomping 5.I'm a loser
6.Crazy dream
7.King rocker 8.Black magic baby
9.Runnin' wild 10.Hit man(1)
11.Worried 'bout you baby(1)
12.Brand new Cadillac 13.Night ship
14.Everybody's rockin'
15.Don't blame me
16.Mama don't allow
17.Worried 'bout you baby(2)
19.Hit man(2)
1.Little pig 2.You crazy gal you
3.Let's bop 4.Go cat wild
5.Dance the bop
6.Everybody's movin'
7.My baby can't be satisfied
8.Every walk of life 9.New girl friend
10.More like love 11.Boomerang
12.Kiss the girls
13.When I start lovin' you
14.Is it cool? 15.Sweet lies
The Sharks
Phantom rockers

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1. The Deltas - Shake you moneymaker
2. The Deltas - Bad bad whiskey
3. The Deltas - Early in the morning
4. The Shakin' Quiffs - Shake your quiff
5. Flip Out - Swing it up
6. The Dynamite Band - My oh my
7. Rockin' Johnny Austin - Hit man
8. The Paladins - my baby took a train
9. The Frantix - Little dog
10. Flip Out - Gonna come an' get ya
11. The Dynamite Band - Save your love
12. The Shakin' Quiffs - Cherie, Cherie
13. The Frantix - One more time
14. Restless - Thats all right
15. Bonneville - Trouble
16. The Ricochets - Don't blame me
1.Moonstomp 2.Skeleton rock
3.It's all over now 4.Crazy maybe
5.Take a razor to your head
6.Death row 7.Love bites
8.Short shark shock 9.Ruff stuff
10.Phantom rockers 11.Charlie!
12.Slipped disc 13.I can't stop
14.Electrifyin' 15.Ghost train
16.We say yeah
1.Tennessee border
2.South Rebel boogie
3.Dancing doll 4.Well I knocked
5.Goofin' around 6.Rockabilly boogie
7.I sure miss you
8.Slap that bass(1)
9.The turkey song
10.Frankfurt special
11.Sweet Caroline 12.Crazy catfish
13.Roll on baby
14.Baby's number one
15.Matchbox 16.Rockin' daddy
17.Rock therapy 18.I flipped
19.Pink and black
20.Sittin' on top of the world
21.B-i-bickey-bi bo-bo-go
22.Honey hush 23.Slap that bass(2)
24.Ten little women 25.Blue moon
26.Rock the barn 27.Crawdad hole
28.Idle on parade
Freddie Frogs
At my front door
Ronnie & The Jitters
Roll over
Do you feel ... Restless
Freddie Frogs LP. Ronnie And The Jitters LP. Click to buy
1.Cheap thrills 2.Boppin' 'n' jivin'
3.Roxy 4.Desperate
5.Livin' in the dark 6.She's so mean
7.Crazy little mama 8.Ain't got no home
9.Don't make me wait 10.Do the bop
11.Pledging my love 12.Feelin' no pain
13.I don't care any more 14.No frills
1.Roll over Richard 2.Wild Weekend
3.Love somebody new 4.She's not the girl/Rock away
5.Black slacks
6.There's a guy works down the truck stop swears he's Elvis
7.Can't fool a woman 8.Take me in your arms
9.Crazy place
1.Bottle on the beach 2.Here I am
3.Fool's gold 4.Down at the swamp
5.Alabama jailhouse
6.Prisoner of love 7.Sob story
8.Crack up'n'fall to pieces
9.Sixteen tons
10.Baby please don't go
11.Here I am (dub)
12.Sweet surprise
13.Edge on you
14.Slidin' on down the hill
15.Why didn't I stay at home?
Hall of mirrors
Various artists
Hell's bent on rockin'
Rochee & The Sarnos
Understanding Sarno
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deleted item
Understanding Sarno
1.One last chance
2.Schitzophrenic emotions
3.Choice 4.Hall of mirrors(1)
5.Frenzy 6.Asylum moves
7.Skeleton rock
8.Sweet money 9.Ghost train
10.Long gone 11.Surfin' bird
12.Was it me? 13.Wound up
15.Hall of mirrors(2)
16.Robot riot 17.Cry or die
18.All alone 19.Torment
1. The Deltas - Shake your moneymaker
2. Restless - The girl on death row
3. The Sharks - Ghost train
4. The Ricochets - Mad man
5. Demented Are Go! - Rubber rock
6. Scotty Robbins - What you gonna do tonight?
7. The Outer Limits - The chase
8. Rockin' Johnny Austin - Rockabilly stroll
9. The Space Cadets - Rigor mortis rock
10. Demented Are Go! - One sharp knife
11. The Housewreckers - 'Cause you left me
12. Rochee and The Sarnos - Rock'n'roll frog
13. Frenzy - Cry or die
14. The Rapids - Scratch chicken scratch
15. The Outer Limits - Well I love you baby
16. Rockin' Johnny Austin - City lights
1.Sarnos in space 2.Aw, c'mon baby
3.Mexi love song 4.Sarno fever
5.Sarno beat 6.Gay cowboy
7.Understanding croissants 8.Sexy Sarno
9.Dead dog blues 10.Mudboat
11.Madame Ruth's parlour 12.Rochee is a monster
13.A cheat 14.Sad Sarno
15.Rock'n'roll frog 16.Whistle wiggle
17.Rumble in the jungle
The Rapids
Turning point
The Pharaohs
Blue Egypt
The Jets
Session out
Turning point
Pharaohs - Blue Egypt
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1.The man from yesterday
2.Smile of the stranger
3.Eyes of darkness 4.Hard luck
5.The good the bad and the ugly
6.Night out with the boys
7.Hot rod blues 8.Street whisper
9.Swords of a thousand men
10.Nightlife 11.Valley of death
12.Do you believe
13.Scratch chicken scratch
14.The raid 15.Silver bullet
1.Wild thing 2.Tomb of the dead
3.Keep on running 4.Radar love
5.Wipe-off 6.Dead to the world
7.Theme from Cairo 8.Down the line
9.Killed love 10.Blue Egypt
11.Drinkin' (Daeche) 12.Never coming back
13.Smell of cop 14.Crazy and wild
15.Turkey dance 16.Tomb of the dead
1.Jitterbuggin' baby
2.Dan O'Dell
3.Drunk again
6.Bye bye baby
7.Open up your heart
8.Forget the love
9.Did anyone tell you
10.Millionaire hobo
11.Cry the blues
12.Slippin' in
Zorch Factor One
Kevin Fayte & The Rocket 8
Ridin' in a rocket
Old LP sleeveold LP sleeveTorment - Psyclops carnival
1. Frenzy - All alone
2. Torment - My dream
3. Outer Limits - Teenage cutie
4. The Pharaohs - Smell of cop
5. The Long Tall Texans - One more time
6. The Coffin Nails - Plymouth Fury
7. The Sidewinders - Sidewinder frenzy
8. Torment - The source
9. The Pharaohs - Tomb of the dead
10. The Sharks - We say yeah
11. 88s - Death on the highway
12. Get Smart - It's up to you
13. The Long Tall Texans - Non-stop loving
14. The Sidewinders - Baby gone left
1.Bluest of blue 2.County jail
3.Money talks 4.Blame it on the moon
5.Hey, baby 6.Gal o' mine
7.Rock candy 8.So what
9.Oh, my little Claudie 10.Ridin' in a rocket
11.Baby, I know 12.I'm a rebel
13.Big ol' sun 14.You can't come out tonight
15.I don't know 16.Teacher, teacher
17.Get off of my train 18.Movin' to Memphis
19.Bop, man, bop 20.Gonna rock
21.I ain't comin' back
1.Death trail 2.Uncle Sam
3.Leap the frog 4.Satisfied
5.Nightmare 6.Rockjet
7.Head driven sinner 8.Slow down
9.Time to think 10.Psyclops carnival
11.The last time 12.Pass it on
Early years 81-83
Get Smart
Get smart
Skitzo mania
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Get Smart LP sleeve
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1.Rock the joint 2.Hightime
3.20 Flight Rock
4.Modern romance
5.Sag, drag and fall
6.Double talkin' baby
7.Something I said 8.It's a scam
9.Why don't you just rock?
10.Bottle on the beach
11.Here I am
12.Why didn't I stay at home?
13.Slidin' down the hill
14.Edge on you
1.It's up to you 2.Swamp fever
3.Ready or not
4.What's your papa gonna say
5.Ain't no use
6.Baby, won't you come out tonight
7.Early times 8.Ape man
9.My babe 10.Frankie and Johnny
11.You're my baby 12.Heavens above
13.Sixteen tons 14.Lines of love
15.I can't wait 16.Game called love
1.Skitzo mania 2.Doctor Death
3.Shipwreck island 4.Witching hour 5.Lonesome train 6.Possessed
7.I'm goin' skitzo 8.Caledonia
10.Your cheating heart
11.Under pressure
12.House of the Rising Sun
13.I want your lovin'
14.Cryin' state 15.I abide
16.Searchin' 17.Psycho baby
18.Love is for skitzos 19.Phantom
Zorch Factor Two
The Rhythmaires
Losin' out
The CoffinNails
Ein bier bitte
LP sleeve
Losin' out
The Coffin Nails - Ein Bier bitte
1. Torment - Hornet's nest
2. Skitzo - Psycho baby
3. Frenzy - Robot riot
4. Get Smart - Swamp fever
5. The Marksmen - When she wants love
6. The Bootleggers - Chicken woman
7. The Caravans - I ain't got no excuses
8. Torment - True expressions
9. Skitzo - Tear it up
10. Wigsville Spliffs - Home run
11. Get Smart - Ready or not
12. The Marksmen - Walk on bye
13. The Bootleggers - I'm comin'
14. The Caravans - Alcohol eyes
1.Who ya gonna choose 2.I hate you
3.Christina 4.Demolition man
5.Forbidden fruit 6.Come back to me
7.Hands off my baby 8.I'm burning
9.Losing out again
10.Red hot rockin' blues
11.Her love rubbed off
12.By the time you read this letter
1.Skateboard frenzy 2.Werewolf bitch
3.Greased lightning 4.Humungus
5.Let's wreck 6.The Lone Ranger
7.Plasma pool 8.Myra Hindley
9.Natural born lover 10.Wind up dead
11.Penetration 12.Uncle Willy
13.Ain't it true
14.House on the haunted hill
15.Brand new Cadillac
16.Outta this world
Three's a crowd
Live at The 100 Club
Frantic Flintstones
Nightmare on Nervous
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1.Torment 2.These chains
3.You did nothing 4.Three's a crowd
5.Scared of myself 6.Out of my head
7.I'm a loser 8.Missing you
9.Funeral party 10.Rules for fools
1.I see red 2.Misdemeanour
3.Love is the drug 4.House on fire
5.Howard Hughes 6.The hunt
7.Clockwork toy 8.Migraine
9.Gotta go! 10.It's All Over Now
11.Robot riot.
1.Hellfire 2.Monte Carlo or bust 3.44
4.Please cool baby 5.Oh baby oh yeah
6.Alley cat king 7.Gone gone well gone
8.Red Chevy 9.Ring ring ringin'
10.What the hell 11.Sugar daddy
12.Frantic Flintstones 13.Safe surf
14.Shake your honey maker 15.Old Black Joe
16.Jack The Ripper 17.Whiskey bottle baby
Bail set at $6M
The Caravans
Easy money
The Quakes
The Quakes
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The Caravans - Easy money LP sleeve
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1.Kiss me now
2.Magic word called love
3.Can't find my way back home
4.Mystery street 5.Calamity man
6.Shoot shoot 7.Gorilla rock
8.Gates of Heaven
9.Girls girls girls 10.Hang on
11.100 pounds of trouble
12.Ace of spades
1.Rough diamond 2.Sneakin' out
3.Ball & chain 4.I've lost, you win
6.Cryin' 7.Easy money 8.A better place
9.Blues train 10.Stranded
11.Good bye, good bye
12.In the heat of the day
13.Sometimes I wish
14.Stoned tired and cryin'
1.Pack our bags and go
2.You're dead
3.Other side of the tracks
4.Where did it go? 5.You are the scene
6.Psycho attack 7.Show me 8.Nine lives
9.The deal 10.Psycobilly Jekyll & Hyde
11.Hangman's noose
12.Satan on my side 13.1,000 kats
14.I can't stay


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