Demented Are Go

Hells Bent on RockinNervous logoAnt Thomas one said 'Every dog has its day' and nothing could be more appropriate when describing Demented Are Go's huge popularity in recent years. This popularity has not been an overnight sensation, it's the result of a decade and a half of relentless writing, recording and touring.
     Trying to determine just when and how Demented Are Go got started is not an exact science as the band members themselves admit that their memories are not all that good, but we do know that by 1982 the band were up and running. Guitarist Dick Thomas (no relation to Ant) helped pull the whole thing together, having been in a lot of bands before Demented, he knew how to get things moving.
     Demented Are Go had their first release on the 1984 Nervous Records compilation 'Hells bent on rockin'. Here are those first two sudio recordings from Demented Are Go plus a later live recording.

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Rubber rock(Thomas/Phillips/Fleming/Thomas/Evans)* One sharp knife (Thomas/Phillips/Fleming/Thomas/Evans)* play sample in RealAudio
Anal wonderland (Thomas/Phillips/Favata/Taylor)* Live at The Big Rumble   

* = Nervous Publishing
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