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Here are some charts that people have sent us. Here you'll find a form for submission of your chart if you would like to submit one to us. Please only send us rockin' charts. We're not interested in disco music.

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Here are some charts that have been sent to us:
Jack van Oers

1. Lew Williams
The girl I saw on bandstand
2. The Rioters
Call myself a Ted
3. Sonny Burgess
Find my baby for me
4. Long Tall Ernie and the Shakers
Big fat mama
5. Ted Daigle
Mary Lou

1. Ricochets
2. Sue et Les Salamandres
Fais-moi mal, Johnny
3. Honey Hush
Howehere train
4. Batmobile
Ain't gonna drink no more
5. Crazy Cavan
My little teddy girl
llygoden fawr! Don

1. Dave Philips
Tainted love
2. Imelda May
Kentish town waltz
3. Meteors
4. Stray Cats
5. Restless
Ice cold
rockyDavid Thompson (England)
1. Sonny Burgess
We wanna boogie
2. Johnny Burnette
Honey hush
3. Little Junior's Blue Flames
Feelin' good
4. Roy Orbison
Ooby dooby
5. Hardrock Gunter
Gonna dance all night
Ferg (UK)
1. The Baboons
Drinking gasolene
2. Hotrod55
Donna wants a hot rod
3. Johnny Burnette
Wampus cat
4. The Devil's Daughters
Pass that bottle
5. Katmen
We need Elvis back
a polecat!
Marco Pecotic (Croatia)
1. Stray Cats
Rant 'n' rave
2. Blue Cats
The tunnel
3. Polecats
Polecats are go
4. Crazy Cavan
Crazy rhythm
5. The Jets
Session out
rat with brains?Mat The Cat (Italy)
1. The Matadors
Pink Lincoln
2. The Quakes
Stick to your guns
3. The Rockats
Go cat wild
4. The Meteors
Surfin' from Planet Zorch
5. The Polecats
Red ready amber
Boppin' Mike (Germany)
1. Gone Tomes
Cranky waggon
2. Wise Guyz
Don't touch my greasy hair
3. Ray Collins Hot Club
4. Charlie Feathers
Sutterin' Cindy
5. Hi-Strung Ramblers
Run boy run
Buzz (Iceland)
1. Batmobile
Gorilla beat
2. Blue Cats
Fight back
3. The Surf Rats
Freddy's fingers
4. Honey Hush
She's so fine
5. Mad Sin
Rusty Silver

1. Guana Batz
Wondrous place
2. Restless
Long black shiny car
3. Stray Cats
My one desire
4. Crazy Cavan
Old black Joe
5. Deltas
Blues in the bottle
here it is!John Whigham (USA)

1. Restless
Last chance baby
2. The Deltas
Can't judge a book
3. The Griswalds
Robbie robot
4. Legendary Raw Deal
Bowie knife
5. The Sharks
Sir Psycho
nine lives' guitarist


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