The Cellmates - On parole

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The Cellmates

"The CELLMATES, comprising certain members of The Go-Katz, were a very lively and edgy Neo-Rockabilly quartet. The sound is excellent, the original compositions (certain parts recall The Scanners a bit, certain rhythms in the style of Restless) and their covers are well done ('Riot in cell block number nine' in bluesy rockabilly and a superb version of 'Blue moon baby'!). In brief, you have here one of the ten best albums of British neo-rockabilly." Translated by Kaptain Zorch from
These tracks date from 1990. The Cellmates were Steve Orbell, Kevin Downes, Mark Moffat and Nick Whitfield.

The Cellmates

Road to riches (Whitfield/Downes/Orbell/Moffat) Soft Option Music Eyes that didn't care (Whitfield/Downes/Orbell/Moffat) Soft Option Music
Blue moon baby (Fatalsky/Rawe) Vogue Music/Chappell-Morris The hustler (Whitfield/Downes/Orbell/Moffat) Soft Option Music
The contract (Whitfield/Downes/Orbell/Moffat) Soft Option Music Riot in cell block no.9 (Leiber/Stoller) Leiber/Stoller Music
Lady seduction (Whitfield/Downes/Orbell/Moffat) Soft Option Music Russian roulette (Whitfield/Downes/Orbell/Moffat) Soft Option Music
On parole (Whitfield/Downes/Orbell/Moffat) Soft Option Music Get a kick (Whitfield/Downes/Orbell/Moffat) Soft Option Music
Nobody's guy (Lindsay/Monastesse) Service Pub. Co. BMI Tallulah (Whitfield/Downes/Orbell/Moffat) Soft Option Music

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