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Blue Flame Combo

"Originally a supportive side project from swing bards Rocket 88, guitarist Damian Bacci broke off to pursue the Blue Flame Combo full-time. While still retaining that suave 50s style, the band has injected some turbo-charged Mike Ness/Social Distortion punkabilly into the proceedings. The potent mix ought to scorch a few ducktails among purists, although SoDis fans should spread the news that these guys put on a set that's pure bliss. And tho' it's hard to know what Buddy Holly and Gene Vincent would have thought about all the volume and distortion, at least here's a band that acknowledges them, and The Ramones, all in the same setting. Wonderful."
The State 2001
"I should tell you that the first time I heard the Blue Flame Combo was on the first date I had with a friend of Jeff the bassists. Ever since then, I've really dug them, it's the kind of stuff that gets stuck in your head and doesn't come out. I totally dig it."
"Oh, we doubt the three fellas in Blue Flame Combo really want the rockabilly kids to go home. No, this trio plays the stuff too lovingly. It likely wants those greasers and their bandanna'ed babes to cut a rug in front of the stage while they slap out the R&R. Rockabillies Go Home kicks off 1950s-style with the raucous Platinum. The idea: three cool cats, one banging an upright bass. The formula has stood the test of time. You can't go wrong with that rebellious retro vibe.
     Blue Flame Combo keeps it fresh with punk touches: the Green Day-ish Japanese Work Theory, and fresh covers of The Smiths' Ask and Fugazi's Bad Mouth. Rockabillies Go Home is spirited stuff, simple, old-school rock for both greasers and punks."
St. Petersburg Times July 2001 (really!)
"New US trio on this legendary British rockin' label. It took awhile from me to get into this record. Even that this ain't complicated at all. Modern, punk pop-influenced rockabilly. Or rockabilly influenced punk pop Or... I guess you got it now! Punkish guitar and vocals, slap bass and great melodies here. And funny titles like 'Resident Punk'. I would like to see this band live someday! Catchy rockin music here! I like!" 2001
Stray Cats vs Smiths ...
"Blue Flame Combo - Rocka-billies go home : devo essere sincero, poche volte capita che ascolti un disco pił volte di seguito. Mi stufo non riesco. Ecco l'eccezione. Vengono dalla Florida, anche se il disco é prodotto dalla brittanica Nervous Records, tre batteria, contrabasso, chitarra, tanta volgia di divertire e divertirsi. Qualche nome? Stray Cats, Green Day, con cover di Smiths e Fugazi (una versione rockabilly di Bad Mouth veramente imperdibile). Le mie preferite sono senza dubbio 'Resident punk' e 'I don't wanna be hurt' dal ritornello appicicoso. Davvero piacevole con melodie avvincenti e convincenti. Non mi stupirei se fra qualche settimana non troviate un' intervista con loro sempre qui su iye ezine. aspettate e vedrete.x info Love Letters po box 48661 St.Pete, FL USA."
In Your Eyes

Blue Flame Combo

Platinum (Bacci)* Japanese work theory (Bacci)*
Bobby says (Bacci)* Resident punk (Bacci)*
Paul's new girlfriend (Bacci)* Some girls (Bacci)*
Misfit (Bacci)* I don't wanna be hurt (Bacci)*
Ask (Morrissey/Marr) Warner Chappell Bad mouth (MacKaye/Picciotto/Lally/Canty) Dischord Music
Retail manifesto (Bacci)*   

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