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Bill McElroy

Totally convincing 'retro' hillbilly. Bill McElroy's sure got the voice for it, with that thin 'cracked' sound. Lovely! On these recordings, he's backed up by the Okeh Wranglers under the name of 'The Prarie Boys', and 'dad' Pete did all the recording, engineering and production, so it sounds just 'right'.

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Oklahoma blues (Clements) Unichappell Music Crazy arms (Mooney/Seals) Champion/MCA/Universal
Rocking 'til the day I die (Wing)* The cold light of day (McElroy)*
This time I play to win (McElroy)* She sure can rock me (Trad - arr. Earls)
Flying high (Wing)* Heading back up to the hills (McElroy)*
Slimline daddy (McElroy)* You loved me and left me for dead (McElroy)*
Bachelor boogie (McElroy)* When your conscience calls time (McElroy)*
Fool's gold (McElroy)* Gabriella (Wing)*

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